Focus On The Floating Flop Strategy

In Texas Hold’em poker like in any other casino game, strategies have their own parries. Thus, floating also makes it possible to effectively counter the “continuation bet” strategy. In the literal sense, Floating is a term which means floating, since the principle is simple. it is indeed a question of quite simply countering the players who very often use the continuation bet and this, by following the setting on the flop in order to have information at lower cost at the turn.

Floating The Flop: An Opportunity That Is Seized

To perform this type of action, it is not necessary to have a great hand, which is why this technique is considered more of a bluff than a strategy in poker. Thus, like any bluff, it is important to have the best situation at your disposal as well as a quality player to have the maximum chance of success. In addition, it would be more judicious to say that it is always important to have the position. It is simply imposed to make a check-call on the flop in order to bet after the opponents’ check, otherwise the player runs towards his loss and that of the river. Indeed, the Float requires a real position which gives the opportunity to properly exploit the weaknesses present on the turn.

The Float During A One-On-One Poker Game

To use the float , it is best to be head-to-head, in other words, heads-up. Indeed, it is not possible to use this strategy against 3 or more players. Indeed, if the 3rd player chooses to call the bet on the flop, it is because he has an excellent hand and he surely knows what he is doing. It is best to try to eliminate this type of player. However, taking out a participant who has a justified and correct game remains very difficult, mainly at low limits. However, it is possible to call the preflop after each player. Whether the player calls, raises or folds on the flop on raises, coming face to face is the opportunity or never to apply this procedure.

The Choice Of Opponents To Float

When it comes to float opponents , it is best to opt for those who do not like resistance and therefore avoid calling stations. Players attempting to float should be able to drop their middle hand as well. If this is not the case and the latter falls in love with his game, the failure rate may therefore increase significantly, making the action of the float much less profitable.

Wide players are much less attractive when it comes to float, as their range of hands remains more open. Thus, they are much less readable and can therefore hit a lot of flops than tight participants. Furthermore, these players give up their game much less easily and they could therefore call the bet on the turn.

It is therefore possible to raise with an Ace of spades and a two of spades the flop is therefore the 3 of spades, the 4 of diamonds and the 10 of clubs. Although it may seem that there is no such thing as a chest pull, looking a little closer one quickly realizes the following:

  • A max Surcard,

  • A color draw from behind,

  • A draw with 4 or 5 cards.

Basically, while the player thought he had a bad hand, he ends up with a game that is not as bad as it deserves, in addition, a face to face float.

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